2019/2020 Winter storage

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Boat Storage is $33.00 per foot.
*Storage includes haul, acid power wash, block and launch in Spring

All balances are due in full at the completion of services. A monthly charge of 1.5% on the
outstanding balance will be charged if payment is not rendered upon completion.

Customer Details

Approx. Drop Off Date: Approx. Spring Launch Dates:

2019/2020 Winter Storage Rate

Includes haul, acid power wash, block,
and launch in Spring

Winter Services

Winterizing Engines Inboards and I/O's

4 Cylinder Materials Included $180.00
6 Cylinder Materials Included $190.00
8 Cylinder Materials Included $210.00
Diesel Engines $T & M
Diesel Generators $T & M
Gas Generators Materials Included $150.00

Winterizing Engines Outboards

Up to 90 HP Materials Included $165.00
95 to 140 HP Materials Included $170.00
145 to 235 HP Materials Included
*Includes Changing Gear Lube in Lower Unit

Service Stern Drives Materials Included

Service Outdrive/Re-install Alpha I $260.00
Service Outdrive/Re-install Bravo $290.00
W/new pump Merc Alpha I/Gen II $T & M

Winterizing Water Systems Materials Included

Freshwater System Hot $72.00
Freshwater System Cold $82.00
Icemaker(s) # of $47.00
A/C System(s) # of $97.00
Head Port-a-Pottie $67.00
Onboard Sanitation System $90.00
Saltwater Washdown/Live Baitwell System $87.00

Additional Winter Services

Oil/Filter Change $T & M
Oil/Filter Change Requiring Synethic Oil $T & M
Transmision Drained and Filled $T & M
FWC Drained and Re-filled $T & M
Battery Storage, # of $55.00ea
Battery Disconnect/Leave in Boat $T & M
Shrink Wrap price per foot $21.00
Shrink Wrap Fly-Bridge Boat $T & M

Additional Services Needed

NOTE :    All holding tanks MUST be emptied. If not, an additional charge of $150.00 will be incurred.


  • 1) The use of outside contractors and/or personnel other than the owner himself is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, without prior written permission of BRENNAN BOAT CO.
    • a) Any major repairs to be done in conjunction with this written permission must be done during normal marina operating hours.
    • b) The owner warrants that any outside contractor or personnel doing work for him/her within BRENNAN BOAT CO. has insurance coverage of the type and amount required by the marina.
    • c) Owners requesting permission to bring in outside contractors and/or personnel agree to accept full responsibility for the actions of such organizations and personnel, and the owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless forever BRENNAN BOAT CO. from any and all claims that may arise from the work performed and/or actions of the outsiders.
  • 2) All boat owners MUST MAINTAIN THEIR OWN INSURANCE to protect against liability, theft, pilferage, fire, windstorm, snowstorm, vandalism or other casualty or loss.
  • 3) It is expressly agreed by the owner that BRENNAN BOAT CO. is not in any way an insurer of the owner's property or family, guests, employees or agents. BRENNAN BOAT CO. shall not be liable for personal injury, loss of life, property damage to the above described boat, motor and accessories or the content thereof, due to fire, freezing damage, wind storm, snow storm, rain, hurricane, or other casualty, loss, or the negligence of BRENNAN BOAT CO., its employees and agents.
  • 4) All boats stored at BRENNAN BOAT CO. are required to have a fitted canvas boat cover or shrink wrap (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • 5) BRENNAN BOAT CO. reserves the right to store boats on our premises in the manner most beneficial.
  • 6) BRENNAN BOAT CO. WILL NOT allow For Sale signs displayed on boats, nor outside yacht brokers, unless permission is granted through our office.
  • 7) All personal and accessory articles and/or equipment which you wish to remove MUST BE TAKEN OFF THE BOAT BEFORE STORAGE PROCEDURE IS STARTED. If it is later requested to be done, our employees will have to do this on a chargeable basis. BRENNAN BOAT CO. requires ALL electronics, personal property, dock lines, canvas, power cords, valuables, ect., be removed, as BRENNAN BOAT CO. is not responsible for any property left on the boat.
  • 8) All dry storage boats must be removed by April 1, 2020 or a removal fee will be charged at BRENNAN BOAT CO.'s prevailing rate.
  • 9) All wet storage boats must be removed by April 1, 2020 or a removal fee will be charged at BRENNAN BOAT CO.'s prevailing rate.
  • 10) In the event of legal litigation, all attorneys' fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • 11) WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY for failure to repair a vessel at any certain time or date, however, BRENNAN BOAT CO. will exercise reasonable diligence to accomplish same.

By signing this agreement, I agree to all conditions of this winterization and storage agreement. I
authorize Brennan Boat Company to perform the items checked above.